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"A Unique collection of original music for the purpose of Well Being"


 These beautiful soundtracks to life are written and recorded especially for music therapy, relaxation, inspiration and affirmation. This project is written from the soul, not from pre recorded sequences. It's 100% musical and builds paths to brain waves naturally. Make this part of your daily life and experience the power of music! 

Paul C McD Writer Musician

Dreamphonium The complete collection

All 12 Tracks


My busy lifestyle is crazy sometimes.. I found Dreamphonium music and it helps me to take time out

Julie Secretary

I can't express enough my gratitude for this wonderful work. I tried so many different relaxation albums but these songs are more than that, they are truly effective

Johnson, Sydney

I regularly take one hour power sleeps during my day as a self employed but busy person. I use Dreamphonium 1 hour power tracks to put me to sleep, regenerate, and wake up again. this music guides me

William from Seattle

I use Dreamphonium music for my better health and healing services here in Auckland NZ. There is a track for each purpose including my Yoga classes and weekend retreats, Thank you! 

Wendy NZ